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I hope to be back soon.
Meanwhile, have some Subassan Easter eggs.
Eeeeggss!Collapse )
Enjoy the holidays! (or the weekend, if you don't celebrate it :Db)

Hi there! :D

Hi! Guimi here :D

I'm a 20 something years old Italian girl who loves Japan in many of its sides.
I am fascinated by traditions and habits of this country and I am currently studying the Japanese language. I really like ikebana, anime and manga. I do draw in manga-style, but I don't post my drawings here a lot -there's my DeviantArt account for it xD-
I love to cosplay, and I have cosplayed several times in these past years :D
Oh, and I practice kung fu and aikido ^O^
Of course, I love j-music too xDD
I have a rashly, burning love for Kanjani8, which is my favourite j-pop group ♥
I also love Tokio [Matsuoka <33 Nagase *A*] and I think Arashi are funny, but I'm not really into their music.
Are you thinking that I am a geek? Yes, I am 8Dv
This journal is mainly for my fandom needs, since I have this one for my personal matters. But it's only in Italian, sorry.
Anyway, from time to time I'll write about my life, and that's why this journal is not public nor a friends only one :D
I'll just lock my useless blah blah <3

Habits and dislikes!Collapse )

Now, if after reading the cut just above
you still want to friend me, please leave a comment here. I am sorry I won't add people who randomly add me. I am quite sociable, and I love to chatter, so new friends are always welcome ~♪

And remember: the art performer is so much love <333

Another short post but....

I need to point this out XD

I watched Tetsuko no heya [subbed here :D] and it was great fun for sure XDD
[embarassed Maru+embarassed Baru+nonchalance Hina=perfection xD]

But there's a part which kind of puzzled me XDD
Around minute 10 Tetsuko shows a group photo, and talks about the members.
IDEK. XDCollapse )


I'm in a hurry and not at home but....



Happy debut anniversary Eito!! ♥

Hi everyone!!
Yes, it's not a mirage, I am actually making a public post XD
I wanted to come back on Baru's birthday, but then I realized I'll be in Rome that day and who knows what will happen XDDD


  • I AM OUT OF HIATUS!!! \:DD/ I think, I hope....
    This year and these past months have been absolutely crazy, with university, scholarship, making websites, voluntary work issues with ex boyfriend =__= and I am TERRIBLY sorry for not being a good lj friend ç___ç
    m(__     __)m
    For those of you who still haven't cut me out, hiiii!! I'll try to be a proper friend from now on!! ★★★
    I am not on tumblr but I am pretty much everywhere else XDD [as you can see in my contact post]
  • Friends' cut
    I checked my f-list  and I have "cleaned out" a bit. Dead and/or abandoned journals, people I haven't talk in ages even before my "hiatus-time", people who defriended me who knows when XD
    I highly doubt someone among them is sad about it but in case you are drop a comment :D
  • Fandom
    ME IS HAPPY *____*  [I'll talk about Shota's hair later >___>
    I made a friend of mine [and midori_kibou] fall for Eito, and you don't know HOW HAPPY WE ARE. *___* [sorry, capslock everywhere XD]
    EDIT: Since midori_kibou is complaing in private XDDD [8D]: There is this girl that is a close friend of midori_kibou and me who fell for Eito and we have so much fun fangirling with her and listening to those great newbie/sharp comments and ❤ XD

That's all for now.
Sorry for the terrible editing but lj is messing up again [and I don't really have time to fix it XD]
Bye bye~

Even with this hair......

Happy birthday, damned Shota   ¬___¬   XD


Oh, brain

"Samsung patents a method in order to have the bokeh effect even on compact cameras"

And that's how manzai changes your life XDDD

[yes, I'm alive, yes, it's a pretty much horrible exhausting angsty tough period, but I'm fighting. *^*]

Gah. part 2

Shota is a weirdo who loves to change his hairstyle every few months.
We know that, and we CAN'T do anything about that "lovable" cup-hairdo right?


Yasu, won't you take those damn glasses OFF your face?

Pretty please? D:

And yes, I hate you for being cute even with that terrible look >.>

Special birthday

Almost 3 years passed since I saw this

and though: "why does a man use an helmet-hairdryer?!" "what's the point of this guy being in the group? He doesn't even sing a single line!"


Thank you for being who you are. Eito wouldn't be the same without You.


I love you Shota.
I really do.

...but why would you do this to your hair?

And Yoko, you too? ;___;

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